Babygeluk: onze lieve Sebastiaan is geboren

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10 jaar duurde het, ons traject voor het vervullen van onze kinderwens. Ons gezin is nu compleet met de komst van onze Sebastiaan.

De meeste dromen zijn bedrog, is de tekst van het nummer waar Marco Borsato mee doorbrak. Ik weet allang dat niet alle dromen uitkomen. Wij hebben na jaren van onzekerheid het grote geluk mogen ervaren en al onze dromen zijn werkelijkheid geworden. In 2011 werd, dankzij een geslaagde 3e IVF behandeling, onze dochter Felicia geboren. Iets waar we niet meer op durfden te hopen na 5 jaar van hoop en teleurstellingen. Vol goede hoop begonnen we een jaar na haar geboorte opnieuw. Hoe leuk zou het zijn als onze Felicia een broertje of zusje zou krijgen? We wisten nu dat het mogelijk was. Ik werd na de 3e terugplaatsing zwanger, we konden ons geluk niet op. Helaas eindigde deze zwangerschap in een miskraam.

Vol goede hoop gingen we door. Het ging gewoon nog een keer lukken. Poging na poging ging voorbij zonder resultaat. Het verdriet hakte erin. Bij de 9e poging geloofde ik er niet meer in en begon ik me erbij neer te leggen dat onze dochter enigst kind zou blijven. Ik zat in het acceptatieproces en voelde me gelukkig met wat ik wel had: een lieve man en dochter.

We besloten nog een 10e embryo terugplaatsing te doen zonder iemand te vertellen. Ik werd zwanger! Na een spannende start, ben ik uiteindelijk 31 maart bevallen middels een gentle keizersnee in week 39 van een mooie, gezonde zoon Sebastiaan Alexander Tel. Op slag verliefd, wat een heerlijk mannetje. Hij heeft gelijk een plek binnen ons gezin veroverd. Felicia is ook zo blij met haar baby broertje. Compeet gelukkig en gelukkig compleet. Beyond imagination.

Prologue Looking for Easter Eggs

One thing I have always been sure of in my life is that I wanted to be a mum. As a child I used to play with my dolls for hours; as a teenager I was the super nanny in the neighbourhood; and as a young adult I wrote top 10 name lists in my diary for any future children.

I was only waiting to find the Love of my Life.

When I was 28 years old, I met the Love of my Life. Just when I was about to travel through Asia on my own for two months.

I quickly booked my flight and went ahead with my plan. After six weeks he came to find me and we have been inseparable ever since.

Our relationship has been filled with passion, love and adventure: we have always had all that going for us.

On my thirtieth birthday I stopped using birth control: Frank and I were very sure we were ready to start a family. I thought it would be a beautiful moment to ‘conceive a baby’.

The first month went by…then the second… and the third. My belief and self- confidence of becoming a mum slowly changed into a deep and overwhelming feeling of insecurity.

After a year of waiting, we went to the doctor’s. He sent us to hospital. After many physical examinations and months of waiting, we started our first fertility treatments: IUI and IVF. We became experts in areas that had been unknown to us before.

My true story is about love, travelling and fertility issues. Three elements that have played big roles in our lives. The book is about how relaxed we used to be, how we always try to look at things from the bright side, and how we dealt with and made up for our disappointments (another failed IVF attempt? – Let’s book a trip to Marrakech), until the moment I felt genuinely miserable. I realised that the women around me got pregnant easily and we were left behind, empty-handed.

Although she has her own story to tell, my older sister gave birth to two healthy children in the time that we were trying. My friend got pregnant three times in three years. I was really happy for all those pregnant women, but I was fed up and most of all so sad and disappointed that we were not blessed with the miracle of life.

So, what was plan B? Can you still be happy if you don’t get what you wish for most in life? We have always learnt that if you work hard enough, you can make your dreams come true, reach your goals. Our dream though, despite all the hormone treatments and dozens of hospital visits, never seemed to come true.

How far should you go? We were able to create the high points in our lives only to end up on a rollercoaster of hope, disappointment, sadness, acceptance and moving on. The feelings of insecurity were growing, and the feelings of sadness were getting more unbearable every time we found out I was not pregnant.

Although the wish had not been fulfilled yet, we were able to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Suddenly the sun started to shine again and our luck returned.

I hope that you, as a reader of my story, can both laugh about and cry along with the story and that you will find that you can empathise with what we have been through.

Anne Tel

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Review Freya (Dutch Fertility organisation)

Book review Looking for Easter Eggs by Anne Tel

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Say, you are a woman in your thirties. You live in Amsterdam, you have great friends and a good job, and the love of your life is even more amazing than all of the above. He’s the one you hope to grow old with, and together you’re enjoying life to the max. You’re completely happy, the world is at your feet, and everything is going as it should without even having to really try. Then you quit birth control, because both you and your husband can’t wait to have a baby. Then, suddenly, things don’t go so smoothly anymore: 90 per cent of all the women who are trying, conceive within the first year. But not you.

My opinion ****

In this book, the author, Anne Tel, grabs you by the arm and takes you with her on a compelling tour of her life. A similarity with Bridget Jones is easily made, though the scales plus man in woolly knitted reindeer sweater are missing. She does write about her long journey of fertility treatments in great detail. And oh, how relatable it all is! Time just keeps ticking away while everyone around her is getting pregnant just like that. Anne Tel is very good at describing how hard it is to combine a job with treatments: just when you have that one oh so important meeting, you have to go to the hospital for the umpteenth time. And then, when you have finally decided you need a break and you’re about to take that well-deserved holiday, you find your dream to get pregnant will have to be put on hold for yet another month before you can even start your next round of trying. Meanwhile, in between every month that there is no treatment, there’s always that strong and silent hope that a miracle might happen.

When, after missing out for a month, Anne suggests to schedule in the next round, the assistant, who’s looking in her Big Book of Appointments, tells them they have room for her in January.

‘What!’ ‘January?!!’ Frank and I exclaim at the same time. ‘Our only wish is to carry on, we have lost so many chances this year already. We need one more try this year!’

Having to wait for no real reason is almost worse than coping with yet another disappointment of not getting pregnant. Frank goes berserk and is completely unreasonable to the assistant. I begin to cry silent tears. I don’t want to wait any longer.

We walk back to our car, feeling defeated. There’ll be no more chance this year. The radio is switched on and we laugh about this joke we hear that’s not funny at all. It feels good to be able to laugh over something completely silly sometimes.

This book is a real page-turner. Will the next attempt finally be successful? Anne Tel simply drags you into her story, into her life. The book is not only very relatable for people who are dealing with IVF themselves, it’s also a great read for their family and friends. It paints a very good picture of what it’s like not to be able to get pregnant and in what way the route of fertility treatments seriously affects your life. It’s a real must-read.

Source: Freya Magazine Freya is the Dutch organization for people with fertility problems.


IVF: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

My advice to you, my readers who are going through fertility struggles as well:

  1. If you find yourself having to go through IVF-treatments one day: keep on talking to your partner and keep on loving each other. Never forget you have found someone with whom you want to start a family. Not everyone is that lucky, so feel blessed with what you do have.
  1. Find your moments to get away from it all, look for positive activities to distract yourselves, like sports, travel, going away for the weekend, or going to a spa.
  1. Don’t wait too long. If you are a female in your thirties, and you’re having trouble getting pregnant within one year, seek medical help. There might be a reason why you aren’t getting pregnant. Find out if anything is wrong.
  1. Take good care of yourself. It’s very hard to combine your job with an IVF treatment. Don’t stop living. Don’t put everything on hold for your big dream. The impact is enormous.
  1. Don’t Google too much, don’t go through all the internet forums: they will not make you better or happier. Watch out for the extreme stories people tell you. Dr Google is not a real doctor. On the internet you can find a universal truth, you can always find what you’re looking for, but you cannot draw any conclusions from what you read, nor diagnose yourself.
  1. Focus on your little nephews and nieces and have them stay over. Their parents are fine with that.
  1. Be genuinely happy for other people, try not to let it get to you when they get what you’re hoping for yourself. Try not to be affected too much by people who don’t know what it’s like. It’s impossible for them to relate.
  1. Be aware of the fact you’re not the only ones having to go through this. You only hear the success stories; ‘We were only just trying and she got pregnant straight away.’ You don’t hear the other stories, or only afterwards. It’s your choice to be open about this, though I realise it’s a difficult and very personal choice.
  1. If you feel a treatment or doctor isn’t getting you what you want, look for a different hospital/doctor.

10. Babies are born from love. You need this same love to go through all the hospital treatments.

Source: Looking for Easter Eggs, my story about love, travel and IVF (copyright 2014 Anne Tel)

cover engelsDownload now the ebook Looking for Easter Eggs for only £1.99. 

This promotional fee is only valid during National Awareness Fertility Week UK till 3 November. 

How do you create awareness?

IVF should not be a taboo anymore in today’s society. 1 out of 6 couples suffer fertility problems, which is a lot. About 3.5 million people in the UK. If you are having fertility National-Fertility-Awareness-Week-problems, you should know you are not alone in this. Once I started my treatments back in 2008 I felt an exception. The moment I started to talk about it, I found out I was not the only one.

In the first years of trying to conceive, it is quite common not to talk about it. I felt I was failing and besides vulnerable I felt a bit ashamed perhaps. I decided to write in my diary, it was like a therapy of dealing with it. I really wanted to read a personal story of someone with the same experience. I knew all the medical brochures, but I needed more than that to prepare myself for the treatments.

Later on I decide to come out of the closet and be honest and open about it. It made my life easier. I decide to share my story andwrite a book about it. Not a patient story, but more about my real life, love, travelling and IVF. Not a sad story, but also with humor and love, to make people smile.

My story created awareness as it was distributed among 7.000 pregnant women. Most of them got pregnant the easy way. Before they could not relate to our fertility world until they read my book. How can we expect an outsider to understand our world if we do not explain it?cover engels

For this reason I decided to offer my ebook Looking for Easter Eggs in the national awareness fertility week for only £ 2. And I hope that your family and friends will read it to create a better awareness and understanding in the society. If you can’t talk about your deepest feelings and thoughts, I hope my book can help you with that and that it will give you some extra comfort and hope.

What you can do to create awareness: be honest. Talk about it. Just say what you are really feeling. Be proud of yourself, of all the steps you take make your dream come true.

De overgang

Zo voelt het een beetje, alsof ik in ‘de overgang’ zit. Een tussenfase, afscheid nemen en met iets nieuws beginnen. Een eindgesprek in het ziekenhuis op de dag dat ik mijn laatste column voor Flair schreef. Afscheid nemen van onze tweede kinderwens, voor nu of altijd? Loslaten en vooruitkijken. Ondertussen ook afscheid nemen van mijn thuiswerk-situatie en mijn lieve opdrachtgeefster Kenny en starten met een heuse kantoorbaan. De nieuwe baan die ik kreeg net nadat mijn laatste terugplaatsing mislukte. Het succesmomentje waar ik echt behoefte aan had. Al is dit nooit een vervanging voor mijn kinderwens, ik merkte dat ik weerstand opbouwde om weer een nieuwe terugplaatsing te ondergaan. Het kostte me zoveel energie.

Inmiddels is de stof neergedwarreld en begint alles op zijn plek te vallen. Ik ben al lekker up-and-running met mijn nieuwe job. Het is fijn om nieuwe perspectieven te hebben en verantwoordelijk te zijn voor mijn eigen succes. Ik vind mijn nieuwe baan gelukkig echt heel erg leuk, en wat mooi dat ik juist op dat spannende moment deze kans kreeg. Het voelt alsof ik weer terug ben in de maatschappij, alsof ik weer meetel. Ik heb enorm genoten van de vrijheid als ondernemer, maar was echt toe aan vastigheid en routine. Ook fijn om weer collega’s te hebben, samen te werken en ideeën te bedenken. Voor Frank en Felicia is het wennen dat ik zoveel weg ben, ze missen mij en ik mis mijn F’jes en dat is ook goed. Ik ben blij dat ik weer een nieuw doel heb.

Soms blijft er wat te wensen over in het leven. Een kinderwens is iets groots, dat je niet kan relativeren. Echter, onze grootste wens is bijna drie jaar geleden vervuld, onze droom is al werkelijkheid geworden. Daar kan niets bovenop, elke dag een cadeautje. ♥ 

Mijn laatste column staat deze week in Flair, mis ‘m niet! Met een leuke kortingsactie speciaal voor de Flair lezeressen als afscheidscadeautje.