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About the book: Paaseitjes zoeken in het AMC

  • Published in the Netherlands
  • 10,000 copies sold
  • 5 star reviews on bol.comAnne Tel omslag
  • target audience: female 25-45 years old with and without fertility problems
  • lovestory in Amsterdam, IVF background story (true based)
  • Dutch title: Paaseitjes zoeken in het AMC means: Looking for easter eggs in the Amsterdam Medical Centre. It is referring to the first fertility treatment on Easter day.
  • This book fullfills a need for people to learn moreabout IVF impact to daily life.


Imagine, you are a a 30 year old woman. You live in Amsterdam, you have great friends, a nice job and you are settled with the love of your life. You enjoy life to the max. You dream about starting a family together, like everyone else. Then, it doesn’t happen.
This is my story. I always wanted to have a family one day. Months went by, after one year we went to the hospital and got sucked into the IVF rollercoaster. One disappointment after another, you keep on believing that one day it will happen, but when? After 5 years our dream came true. We got a beautiful baby girl and she is our everyday joy and pleasure. The best thing that ever happened to us. A miracle.


Writer Anne Tel: “Sometimes, talking about fertility problems is still a taboo in the Netherlands. It feels like my personal mission to talk and write about this delicate subject.    I try to contribute to a change, to make it easier for other IVF couples. They are not alone as one out of six couples are struggling with this. Family and friends often do no know how to deal with the emotions of their beloved. It is easy to say something wrong and hurt feelings unintentional, when you do not understand their world. I try to bring those worlds closer together for a better understanding. I think every couple that survives the IVF rollercoaster, should be really proud instead of ashamed. They fight for their dream no matter what. I keep my fingers crossed for everyone, hoping that their dreams may come true one day. I believe in miracles.”


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  • A must have on your bookshelf.
  • Read, laugh, cry and celebrate.
  • I saw a movie by reading your book.
  • Loved it!!! From the first till the last page, can’t wait for your next book.
  • You make me a better midwife. Thank you!
  • Best book I read in years!
  • The book that everyone should read.
  • I understand couples with fertility problems much better now.
  • Thank you for sharing your story. It helped me to understand my own feelings.
  • You are a beautiful inspiration for many women.
  • It was like it was us going through the same process.
  • Easy to read and recognizable.
  • I could not stop reading.
  • I read your book in one day. It was wonderful like being with you along your journey.
  • Completely sucked into your story.
  • It is a lovestory, written in a positive way with humor. I like it a lot.
  • No one will remain unmoved after this story.
  • Read this book at a stretch!
  • Great book! Well written.

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